Evernote note association system based on user operation history

Install instead of official Evernote App

NeighborNote automatically analyzes your operations,
and find the note that you are looking for.

NeighborNote is based on NixNote which is an open source software.




About NeighborNote

When you start Neighbornote, your operations are automatically collected. NeighborNote will find related notes from your many scattered notes by using your past operations.

Calculation of Related Notes

The list of notes which is related to the currently opened note is displayed on the right side of the main screen. The relativeness score is displayed at the lower-right corner. If you click the related note, you can access it immediately.

NeighborNote collects following operations, and calculates the relativeness among the notes as a weighted sum of the counts with the weights which have been set for each type of operations.

  • Multi-viewing of notes
  • Copying & Pasting
  • Adding new note
  • Clicking related note
  • Adding tag
  • Changing notebook
  • Merging notes
  • Duplicating Notes

Related note list

Tab browser

Tab Browser

You can switch multiple notes just like tab browser feature of Firefox or Chrome. Therefore it became possible to open two or more notes at the same time. If you click "Open in New Tab" from the menu that appears when you right-click a note, you can open it in the new tab.

Open Source

NeighborNote is open source software under GPL v2, so it is possible for anyone to use for free.


Operation history collected by NeighborNote is stored in a local database, and nothing sends to outside. You can stop the collection of user operation any time with just one click.